Account Request

Firstly you will need to register an account with us. You can do this by clicking on sign up.

You will be asked to choose if you would like a corporate / business user account or if you are a member of the public and would like a Domestic user account. You will then complete a simple account details form. Once you submit this form, You will receive an e-mail confirming your account has been registered and you may now proceed to using our shop services. In some cases we may not operate our service in your area at the moment. If this is the case we will send you an e-mail confirming this. We will also contact you within 24 hours to inform you when we will be able to offer you an account.

Place Order

Order Received Confirmation

From within our shop area, you will be able to choose your services or products and add them to your basket. When you have selected your items, you are ready to place your order. Once you have placed your order, You will be asked if you would like to add an order number to your invoice and to make payment by way of 3 options. Option 1 will transfer you to a secure online payment provider where you can use a debit or credit card. Option 2 you can choose to pay later by way of Cheque or online banking. If you choose option 2, There will be an additional £5 administration charge. This is to cover the cost of administering your payments manually. . Option 3 will save your order for you to place at a later time. You will be able to place this order by choosing place outstanding orders from my account.

Order Scheduled

Once you have selected your payment preference, You will receive an e-mail containing two documents. The first document is your Invoice and the second document is your order received confirmation. This document will detail what order you placed and the date we have scheduled for this order to take place. Once you receive your scheduled order date, you can request this to be changed by telephoning our logistics department.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, We may have to reschedule the date you were given. Should this be the case, we will contact you by telephone to re-arrange s suitable date. We will then send you a confirmation of the new scheduled date by e-mail.

Order taking place.

When our vehicle arrives at your location, One of our employees will supply you with a delivery/collection document. This details the description of the items you placed on your order. You will be asked to sign this document. Our employee will also sign this document and leave you with a copy. In some cases, the quantity of what you ordered and what our vehicle has collected may differ. Our employee will adjust the collection / delivery document to show this. Upon our vehicle returning to our site, the contents of your order collected will be verified in our mill. The weights will be added to your collection note once your order has been shredded. Your delivery / collection note will then be sent to our logistics department who will confirm your order completed. If you have already made payment for items collected for shredding, You will automatically receive an e-mail containing your Certificate of Destruction.

Adjustments to items collected.

If when our vehicle collected from you, our driver adjusted your collection details. This will be adjusted and in the case we collected more than your order stated, we will raise an invoice for the additional items. You will be sent this invoice by e-mail.

Cancellation of order placed.

In the event you have placed an order with us and would like to cancel this order. You can cancel your order by selecting this option in your account. We are sorry but we can only accept cancelled orders for our shredding service if cancelled more than 24 hours prior to its scheduled collection date. This is because our vehicles operate to a maximum weight restriction. Your order will reserve part or all of this weight capacity.