About Commercial Shredding


Our commercial shredding service is the perfect solution for your document destruction needs. No matter how large or small your business is, we have a solution for you. We work with you to create a Shredding schedule that is individually customized with your daily, weekly, or monthly requirements. Archived files take up valuable space, and with the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, can be a potential risk factor. Keeping data longer than is legally required could put you at risk of a data protection breach. Our specialist trained customer account managers are at your side. We have over 25 years of experience of looking after business’ large and small.


We can collect from your offices, warehouse or storage unit’s nationally.The minimum collection is just 1 sack or box. We have no maximum collection; however we may need to make more than one visit for orders over 1000, sacks or 1000 Boxes.


We will call at your premises and service your Lockable Office Consoles. The minimum collection is 1 Console.


We offer a variety of sizes, 140lt 240lt 1000lt. The minimum collection is 1 bin no matter it’s size.


We offer a free of charge walk in service, so if you have the means to bring your documents to us, you can watch them being destroyed. WE WILL SUPPLY THE TEA, COFFEE AND BUSCUITS, But be prepared, our state of the art confidential document shredders, Shred approx. 500 boxes per hour so you should not be with us very long.


When you place an order with us, we supply you with a confirmation order by e-mail. When our vehicle collects from you, you will be given a collection, delivery, transfer document. Once we have shredded your documents within 24 hours of us receiving them, You will be e-mailed a certificate of destruction and waste stream notification. All our audited documents are available for 2 years through your on line account, Just in case you ever lose the originals.