About Document Scanning

We have been document scanning for over 25 years. We have done large scale projects for NHS Hospitals, Councils Banks, Building Societies Solicitors Accountants Retail High street shops as well as Large and Small To Medium Sized Companies

Our on-line Scan Box is just one of the many document capture solutions we offer. Scan Box is exactly what is says, A box containing files of documents are converted to an electronic folder containing electronic files of documents.

Each electronic files is in PDF format and has full ocr word search function.

we offer our box scan service for a fixed cost per box. This makes it easier for you to budget the overall cost of your needs.

Box scan makes it more secure to keep your documents controlled, who can and can not see them is in your hands. It is also a safer way to store. No more worries about flood damage or fire damage, you simply store your files in the cloud. and destruction of archived files is as simple as pressing the delete key on your keyboard. Fantastic for those worrying about GDPR 

No more monthly storage bills, Just a one off box payment.


We will collect a box of documents from you. Convert them to pdf's and return them for you to assess.