Environmental Statement

Rapide Reprographics Limited has continually reduced their environmental foot print year on year since it was founded in 1991. Last year we reduced our footprint by introducing a new routing system within our logistics department and ensuring we only travel for collections when our customers need us. We also reduced our environment footprint by introducing Solar panels to reduce our intake of Electricity to run our site Shredders and Bailers. We are continuing to reduce our footprints by introducing more up to date heating systems and using more cost efficient equipment to lower the amount of electricity being used to operate our site plant equipment. We are also looking at the new technology with regards to Bins with censors that tell us when they need emptying, this allowing us to collect only when needed.

All our recycled paper once shredded is supplied to Local Paper mills to be used in the production of Tissue. None of our recycled material is exported out of the UK. We offer a full Waste stream Audit with every collection of shredding or recycling we make.

We encourage businesses to carry out waste stream audits in line with their Legal Duty of Care by offering free of charge Audits.

Our Focus for the next 5 years is to increase our recycling to its maximum site capacity of 500 tonnes per week, while in the same period, reducing our environmental running costs. While this is an optimistic projection, We feel we are entitled to make it as we have achieved all our previous projections over the past 27 years. Endeavouring in our achievement and a total commitment by our fully cooperative employees are our key tools to our success.

For a full copy of our environment policy, Please e-mail Sales@rapide-repro.co.uk